For the past few months, close to a year I have been reading up on detoxing your body and ways to live cleaner. Mind, body and soul I have been on this quest. Detoxing. Leaving things behind, changing habits, forming new ones, trying out what works and what doesn’t quite feel right. Cleansing.

I feel like I’m at a standstill with my writing. I hate it when the words don’t flow, the ideas feel like they’re held back by something. Every time I’ve ever felt this way, it means a change needs to take place. Growing pains and writing, who knew they go hand in hand? I don’t know where it leaves this blog honestly. A name change or new place to open up altogether. My heart is wide open. I want this place to be something my children can one day come back to, and read about their days together growing up. I want them to know our day to day, but I want them to know about our lives, the way we loved, the way we traveled and the way we read books in the teepee at night sometimes. The in between moments that helped us grow and be.

I’ve kept “small bird studios” as the name of this blog for so long, but lately I feel a push for change. It’s bittersweet. I write. It’s how I process things. Whether or not people read, like, share, agree, disagree, comment – it helps me. Writing here serves so many purposes. This article got my wheels turning today. (Thank you so much Beth for sharing this, I’m afraid I’m mostly a type 4 as well!). I love having a place to share ideas and put thought to words.

I’m wandering this week, anticipating more change soon, then again maybe not so soon, until the dust settles in my heart. I want it to be organic, and flow and be a complete reflection of what’s going on inside. Sometimes you have to get lost before you get found.

So I’m wandering quite a bit, and I might be lost in this forest for a while.

Until then I’ll share bits of our lives and photos as the inspiration and moments come, and continue with Boho Soul and gardening updates because right now those two feel the most organic.

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  1. Hi there,
    I visit your blog from time to time and enjoy your posts. I can relate to how you feel wandering. I struggle with that from time to time. But you have a beautiful heart that is so evident in your post. I hope you feel inspired to continued writing and sharing! :)

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