Free Hand Drawn Doodles

I drew something for you guys! These are PNG files and high resolution, so they can be changed up quite a bit (color, size). You can use them on prints, cards, your blog header design (or anything!).

Free hand drawn doodles by Small Bird StudiosClick the image to download, or click here!

 Yesterday we had SNOW. We get sleet every few years, and it never sticks but this year has been full of surprises. It looked like Dippin’ Dots, and Bubby was asking if we could build a snowman. I woke up and opened my bedroom window where the seeds are blooming, since the best sunlight comes through those windows. At first I thought the white chunks were little spillings of Pearlite from the seed mix (that stuff is almost just like styrofoam!), but then I realized it was pretty much everywhere! We didn’t even bother getting dressed we were so excited. Pajamas and rain boots, in the snow!

snow in Texas!

Tonight Pete is taking little man to see the Lego Movie, and I’m having a girls’ night in with E. :)

baby girl cleaning out the cabinets :)Happy weekend ya’ll!


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