Ten Things

I’ve never been a fan of New Year’s resolutions. They just always seem like ways to set myself up for failure. I suppose that’s why I like the concept of the “word of the year” – it has wiggle room in case you’re feeling claustrophobic by goals and good intentions, empowerment on the days you need it – but nothing too specific.

BUT even though I don’t care too much for resolutions, there are a few things I’d like to practice more this year.

1. Go to bed earlier. Every night. Anytime before midnight is a plus, but I’m aiming to go to sleep before eleven. Dream big, right?

2. Say “yes” more. Just say yes.

3. Be interruptible. I think this one ties in a lot with #2. Putting down whatever it is I’m doing, and saying “yes” to the little things Bubby asks for. Like a few minutes practicing riding his bike outside, or playing with the train set that takes up half his room, or caving into his request to pull out the legos that always stop being fun once they’re completely covering the floor in his room.

4. Compassion. It’s easy to draw conclusions and decide without knowing the whole story why something or someone is the way it appears to be. I am so guilty of this. I’ve been on the receiving end of this stick, so I am without excuse. I should know better. But if I have learned anything this year, it’s this. I want to be different. I want to show compassion quicker than judgment. Love over apathy. Love always wins.

being intentional in 2014

5. Reserve time in the day for social media, rather than pulling it out when a window of opportunity arises. I deleted the facebook app on my phone a while ago, and while sometimes it would be convenient to have again, I surprisingly do not miss it.

6. Let the people in my real-world life know that I love them. Be intentional about it. Show it with gifts, cards, surprise visits and phone calls out of the blue.

7. Get over myself. Sometimes I get so wrapped up in what others might think or say or do… and I hate that about myself! I think that breeds insecurity. I am petrified of passing that onto my babies one day. So yes, getting over myself is definitely on this list, as ridiculous and humiliating as that sounds. I want to just go for things. Chase dreams, be true to myself and not change to be or feel accepted, love big and love hard, and most of all, be ready to pick myself up – because disappointment and rejection will share company with those peak moments this year.

8. Write. Write. Write. Write as if my life depends on it.

9. Check my motives. Be honest to myself, why am I doing this? Who is it serving?

10. Speak slowly and listen more. The more I live, the more I realize the less I know… about anything. I used to think I had parenting almost completely figured out, you know – before I actually had one. And then my whole life became this whirlwind which sent any shred of confidence or “know-how” out the window. I find that my babies – all three of them – are my teachers. Having each of them has put every bit of me under the microscope. My flaws are magnified, my imperfections are as clear as day and the Real Me comes out. And she’s not always pretty. Finding that quiet time (even if it is only three and half minutes!), being slower to speak and more ready to listen… I want to open that door for growth. I want to be a better mom. I want to be a better wife. I want to be a better friend this year.

So yes, no new year’s resolutions for me. Just these things that I strive for every year. I just want to be more intentional about them this year.

Do you do new year’s resolutions?

18 thoughts on “Ten Things

  1. Love it, girl! It’s like you wrote my list for me 😉 Thanks! The last two years my word has been “intention.” It’s definitely a theme in my life now, in most things, really. But this year my word or resolution is “treasure” because I want to do a lot of the things you’ve listed above, storing them as treasure in my head and heart. Thanks for sharing your list. Love it! xoxox

  2. Oh my Fran as I started reading this I was like okay I agree with #1, then I read #2 and was like yup that’s me too, then #3 and all the way to #10. Wish I lived closer so we could all do a Ladies Retreat and just talk about all of this cause I thought I was the only one… Great post Fran! I love your heart… Thank you for sharing your “Ten Things” with me… <3

    1. Aw thanks so much Melanie!! That means a lot. Yes, I so wish all of us bloggers weren’t so spread out! I popped over onto your blog, what part of Texas are you in? We are near Houston!! We so need to get a Texas Ladies Retreat going!!


  3. Great way to spell out your intentions!
    I wrote a “Bucket List” hehehehe. There’s flexibility built in and forgiveness too…. which I need. I’ve already checked a few things off and need to get my big girl britches on for some others… we’ll see!

    Happy New Year! BTW- I have teenagers and I’m STILL stepping on Legos?!?!!?!? Ouch but they’re worth it, I think I’m going to end up with some engineers in the long run.

    1. Oh my goodness a bucket list is such a fun and innovative way to jump into the new year!!

      That’s too funny, I guess they never really outgrow them huh? 😉 Yes, engineers!!!

  4. Your new years resolutions are great! I might be copying some of them for myself. I definitely want to send more cards and write letters to people this year. Happy 2014! :)

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  6. What a GREAT post! Your resolutions for the year are wonderful and SO on point with my vision for 2014! Here’s to hoping we all live intentionally this year! :) Michelle

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