Staying Inspired When Life Happens

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I don’t know why but as an artsy person I feel a constant invisible pressure to be pumping out something awesome. Something colorful. Something that inspires. The truth is though, it just isn’t always possible.

In a little over a week I plan (now THAT is a funny word) to open my shop. I actually am very excited about this. I have a lot that I want to do with it. I pulled out some wood and canvases yesterday and I am thinking up new things and designs just about everyday.

We’ve had more than our normal “load” at our place, and it looks like life will just be a bit busier… and maybe even more homebound. I’m learning to adjust… :) is going to be one of my newest best friends and so is a brand spanking new outlook on being home during the daytime. It’s sort of ironic because I wrote almost fifty ways to stay inspired before all this happened… and I realize I’m being very illusive but that’s only to protect the people in my world. I have a feeling a lot more people IRL read this blog than I know about, so I don’t want to step on any toes here, but the truth is, this whole debacle has seeped into our lives and things have once again changed. Anyhoo… my list. And then this happened.

And then it started looking more and more like going out and about on daytime adventures would be less likely to happen on a whim, and more of a planning-ahead-sort of thing. It’s all kind of complicated. But that’s life.


Staying inspired. I’m going to be whipping out that list. And I hope to share it here too soon.

Some ways I’ve been able to keep my creative juices flowing as of late…

1. Deep breaths. For real.

2. Books and creative magazines. And less internets.

3. Do something productive, even if you totally hate it. Like laundry. Or mopping the floor. Something about shiny countertops and floors helps me think clearer. And I feel better about myself. It’s weird how that works.

4. Twinkle lights and candles. Setting the mood with soft light helps me connect more with my creative side, and somehow puts that “stressed out” me to rest a bit. Actually it’s hard to be stressed out when candles are burning, and twinkle lights are bouncing their pretty little bulbs off all around you.

5. Write down your goals (big and small, and everything in between) and make yourself accountable. Check your list often, but give yourself space too. Balance is key.

What keeps you inspired when you feel drained or stressed?

5 thoughts on “Staying Inspired When Life Happens

  1. Ahh another post I love, Fran! 😉

    What keeps me inspired when feeling drained or stressed… I would say candles for sure, Christian music, crochet magazines, my yarn & crochet hook for sure! Crocheting was my healing mechanism when I lost my baby in 2008. So when stressed I do pick up crocheting.

    Love ya Fran!!!

  2. How timely! I have been desperately begging the Lord to throw me a lifeline today. Thanks for always sharing your heart, even when you have to protect it and be vague. Praying for you and whatever you are facing.

    You have encouraged and inspired me greatly today.

    BTW- funny side note, today Facebook asked me if I knew you! Wonder how it would connect me and my made up name self to you on FB? I haven’t been on FB for over a year… and when I am there, I use my real name? Made me giggle. Kinda scary how technology knows so much!

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