He is a Mirror

He’s been a bit wiry lately. Whiney. Complaining. A little (or a lot) out of sorts. My patience meter is looking a little worn and tattered right now. I find myself talking more sternly than I ought to. There has been some unexpected drama visit our world as of late, and it only batters down that patience meter even more. I keep remembering the person I want to be this year. The mother. The wife. The friend. And real life has a way of putting you to the test, like now.

I forget that he is mirroring what he sees.

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4 thoughts on “He is a Mirror

  1. thanks for remind it, sometimes at the end of the day i can’t help feeling that I fail, I need more patience, then i go to their room to kiss their foreheads while they sleep hoping not fail again. when I pray i don’t ask to be the best mom, but the one they need…

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