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Coming here today, I feel like I’m slipping on a shiny new pair of boots or fun pair of leggings!!! My new design makes me want to squeal! :) If you’re reading from an email or feed, you can click over to see what I’m talking about. Anyhoo, I decided I wanted to collect some of my favorite Hippie Recipes. I’m not experienced enough to think these things up (one day, maybe!) but for now I’d love to share some of the recipes who have rocked my world in so many ways this past year or so.



Lotion Bars These made the cutest gifts at Christmas time for my sisters-in-law and just about all the women in my family!!

Peppermint Body Scrub These were an addition to the pampering gifts I gave my family this year. I whipped this up for myself first to make sure it actually worked, and it does. It makes your skin super soft and can be used on your face too! I made her Pumpkin Spice version as well, which smells like Fall in a jar.

Dry Shampoo I used this recipe to get a few more days out of my blow out after New Year’s Eve. It took away the grease at the roots and added volume. Seriously, after brushing this through it looked like I had just finished my hair AND I smelled like chocolate… for a couple of minutes anyway :)

Coconut Oil Make-up Remover This is hands down the EASIEST part of my day (when I actually bother to wear makeup) but anyhoo – it works, like really works. Have you ever used the overpriced magic that Mary Kay sells (that works)? Well this works JUST LIKE THAT… but it is so much cheaper.


Deodorant I’ve hesitated sharing this, because people might be approaching me with a stink mask, but I promise I don’t smell! I make my own deodorant, and it’s metal-free. So cool.

Coconut Oil Hair Mask I’ve only done this once, right around the time I started my no-poo adventure, but I remember liking how it made my hair feel.

No Poo Method If you’ve read this blog for any amount of time, you probably know that I don’t use shampoo/ conditioner. I plan to do a little update next month when I reach that one year milestone (!), but for now, I’ll just say I don’t miss them a bit! My hair has honestly never felt or looked better… and that’s coming from someone who has hated her hair her entire life. If you want to read my “no-poo” adventures so far, click here.


Lemon Vinegar This stuff is my go-to general purpose cleaner, and what I love even more is that it is kid-friendly. I add a few drops of tea tree oil, which has antibiotic qualities and I clean pretty much all my kitchen surfaces, doors and cabinets with this. You can also use orange peels. I freeze the peels and pull them out when it’s time to make another batch :)

Laundry Detergent Right now I am fortunate in that every few weeks my MIL whips up batches of a homemade recipe for all her daughters-in-law, similar to the one on this link. It works great too. I just found out about Soap Nuts though, and I am intrigued…


Treating a fever naturally I used the garlic foot paste and also the apple cider vinegar method on the littles in the past few weeks/ months and they each worked wonders. I wanted to jump up and down that I didn’t have to pull out any meds!!

Herbal Cough Medicine Bubby had a bad cough (especially at night) and cold that would not go away. I whipped this stuff up (minus the marshmallow root, only because I could not find it locally) and within a day and half it was gone – runny nose and all.

Sunscreen I got the chance to try this last summer, and not only does it go a looong way, but it is safe for everyone… and actually does what sunscreen is supposed to do.

Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizer I’ll admit I don’t use this as often as I do the other things, but I love that it’s alcohol-free and it has a unique (good) smell to it. It takes a few seconds longer to “disappear” than the store-bought stuff, but still worth it to me and it lasts a long time, especially if you use hand sanitizer sparingly.

What should I add to my Hippie List? I just learned about making your own vanilla and other extracts… seriously these things blow my mind! When I get chance, most nights, I try to spend a few minutes in this book. The information is a little dated, so before doing anything it recommends I like to check up on it, but there is just so much around us that can be used to restore, heal and beautify. I probably sound like a nut, but if I do, I’m a happy one! :) Once you start this road, it’s hard to find a stopping point…



4 thoughts on “My Hippie Happy List

  1. Color me inspired!!!

    My teenage daughter has allergic reactions to all but one lotion on the market….. and I am in the process of writing her curriculum plan for next year…. hmmm, methinks I see God’s hand moving just a bit! 😉

    So awesome how He does that! Thanks for the list and links!

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