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Today’s the day!!! My book is finally here! :) I’m nervous. I think I’ve said that about a million times here. But that’s only because I’ve spilled things into the 70-something pages that make me feel like I’m standing naked in front of a crowd. I’m bearing my soul with you, a very personal journey, but one that I believe can encourage another mama walking this road of pregnancy after loss. I’m sad that there is even a reason for a book like this. But tonight I am thankful for so many things. All the input I’ve had along the way from those that have read and share their thoughts with me, the feedback, the encouragement, the resources and a God that would allow me the opportunity to celebrate this crazy journey of pregnancy after loss. The book, as you might imagine, is dedicated to my rainbow babies, Joseph Alexander and Evelyn Jane – the ones who brought more hope and life back into my world than they will ever know or realize.

So onto the launch party!!! To make things fun I have a little giveaway for ya!!

Here’s the deal.

Amazon’s best sellers are books that are downloaded/ purchased the most frequently, in the shortest amount of time… or something of that nature. The most popular downloads get listed on the ‘best sellers’, or so I’ve heard.

To encourage more people to jump in on this launch party and make the best seller thing a possible reality (I can dream, right??)… if you download the Kindle version between now and this Wednesday (February 13th) you can grab the book for FREE! Let’s see how many people we can share this with!

But possibly the best part is… when you download the Kindle version*, you just need to email me your receipt/ proof of ‘purchase’ from Amazon.com and you can enter the chance to win a Kindle Fire HD (7″ Display, 16 GB)


So. What do you have to lose?

You might ask, why does she care about being a bestseller? Well, it would be cool, yes. But more than that I want to make this available to as many people out there as possible. A LOT of people that have heard about the book have said they wished something like this was around when they were pregnant, or trying again after a loss. I want to get this resource out there – in the faces of those that need it. I can’t think of a better way to do that then to make this free for a few days, and *try* to make the best seller’s list.

After the giveaway, the Kindle version will only be $2.99, so it will always be ooober cheap!!!


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What Others are Saying About Celebrating Pregnancy Again:

After walking through a loss of my own and then a pregnancy after our loss, this book was like an enormous wind of fresh air. To cry again, let those feelings and thoughts all flood back as I poured over this beautiful book. If you know someone who has lost a little one or have lost a sweet angel yourself, read this book- it will be like an aide to your aching heart. Such a beautiful testimony and story of hope after loss. – Casey Wiegand, The Wiegands

My world was rocked the day I found out that I would never get to hold the baby I carried within me. But how blessed I have been to know women like Fran who allowed me to grieve and truly understood. The anxiety of a new pregnancy seems overwhelming, and reading through this book, it’s so comforting to know that I’m not alone in those thoughts. And that there is not only a way to get through, but to even celebrate pregnancy. Celebrating Pregnancy Again is a beautiful story of love and hope, like having an understanding friend walk you through the trials,anxiety, and excitement of welcoming a new baby after loss. –Donielle, Naturally Knocked Up

more reviews here

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*Even if you do not own a Kindle to download the Kindle version, you can still download the Kindle app on your computer, or phone.

72 thoughts on “Celebrating Pregnancy Again – Kindle Fire HD Giveaway

  1. I am really looking forward to reading this book. I am finally pregnant again after the loss of my first baby in 2009. Numerous fertility treatments were grueling but now i’m pregnant and… scared. xxx x

  2. My loss is only 19 wks & 4 days old. The thought of having a rainbow is so scary to me. I don’t want another baby, I just want the one I had back. Lillian was a full-term loss via placental abruption at 4 cm. I think it takes such courage to even make the decision to go for your rainbow, and most times I don’t think I have that courage. Maybe this book will help to give some insight.

  3. You are so strong and brave to share your story. I can’t wait to read your book, and thank you for posting the resources to help others, on your site.

  4. It is so important to write to purge pain, write to help heal, write so that others know they are not alone, write so that others know they can walk through this journey. Thank you for your words.

  5. Thank you for the free download! We lost our Grace 6 months ago and don’t know where the future will lead us with more children. I’m excited to read this and gain new insights!

  6. I downloaded, I’m not trying again yet, but I can’t wait to read anyway for when that special time comes. I’m also going to post a link to the free download of the book in my loss support group on Facebook. :-)

  7. Downloaded. Yay! I can’t wait to read it because I know it will be fabulous. My rainbow pregnancy was more anxious than exciting, but HOPE kept me going. :)

  8. Heartfelt congrats on your book. I have 2 Rainbows and 7 Angels myself, and I still found myself trying to find ways to not get depressed during my 2nd Rainbow’s pregnancy. Your book would have done wonders for me, as I am sure it will help others!

  9. I just bought your book on my Kindle!!! Actually, on my Kindle Prime I got it for FREE! I would have bought it anyway to support you! Much Love!!! So brave of you to write this for other women!!! Can’t wait to “dig in” and read!
    Gale (@Fittsie)

  10. Thank you so much for writing this book. I wish I would’ve had something like this to read with my last pregnancy (pregnancy after a loss) ~ I did not enjoy that pregnancy very much because I spent every waking (and sometimes sleeping) moment worrying.

  11. I had the privilege of reading this book before it was published, and can highly recommend it. Even though we had our rainbow twins 4 years ago, I found myself nodding and saying “Yes – me, too!” page after page, I’m sorry that a book like this had to be written, and that we’re all part of this “club”. But, I’m so grateful that Fran and people like her, are willing to share their hearts and experiences, to help the rest of us on our journeys.

  12. Hi. I wanted you to know that I featured your book on two blogs that I run, and a facebook page about baby loss. As well as downloading the Kindle version. Though I did all of that before I saw your little widget thing, and then I couldn’t figure it out…but I have pregnancy brain, so… Anyhow, you can see the post at The Dead Baby Club (http://deadbabyclub.blogspot.com) which is a resource blog for families dealing with baby death, my persobnal blog about my two losses at It Only Hurts When I Breathe (http://mystolenlight.blogspot.com) and on the Facebook Page The Dead Baby Club (stillborn, miscarriage, neonatal death…) (http://www.facebook.com/groups/101961248371/) which is a closed group (so as to avoid trolls) but requests to join are given freely. Good luck with your book, I hope you sell a million!!

  13. I was planning on purchasing, but so excited to get a free download! Congrats Fran, can’t wait to read it. So weird to be able to pull your book up on Amazon :)

  14. Congratulations and best wished – I hope you will be one of the Best Sellers! I downloaded a book and look forward to reading it!

  15. Thank you for the gift of your book! Congratulations! The timing is perfect for me as I am 8 weeks pregnant with our rainbow baby. I have read the first chapter and I already know it will help me so thank you. Our oldest is 3 and our sweet Samuel was born Sept 7, 2012. I know you hear it all the time but so many of your words have helped me through this sea of grief. I am proud to say that I am starting to feel the joy creep in again. Tears of joy tonight simply watching our 3 year old play soccer and truly understanding how blessed we are. Take care. xx

  16. I read the PDF version while in the airport a couple of weeks ago…awesome….it is great to find an author I can relate to. Your blog has been an inspiration for me and I find myself reading through all of your past blog posts. It is amazing to see the progression from when you first found out you were expecting to now. It lets woman like us know that it is okay to be a little scared about a future pregnancy but also on how to work through your emotions and still enjoy your pregnancy at the same time. Thank you for sharing your story!

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