Baby Footprint Ornament

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I hope you enjoy this tutorial! I am always looking for ways to use Jenna’s footprints, and this is the perfect excuse.

Baby Footprint Ornament

What you need:

– laser copy of your baby’s footprints (black and white or color)

– small bowl of water

– clear packing tape

– small strips of tulle

– one glass ornament

– pencil

– mod podge



1. Cut out your baby’s footprints to a small square.



2. Cover the printed footprints with clear masking tape. Overlap the tape if need be, you don’t want any paper on the front side without tape covering it. Do not fold excess tape over the edge. Trim edges instead to get a nice clean look. Rub out any air bubbles with a rolling pin, wooden spoon, brayer or even your fist.


3. Dunk taped footprint square into the small bowl of water until it is completely soaked.


4. Once you can feel that the entire paper is soaked softly sub the backside to see if the paper begins to peel back, as seen above.


5. It will look something like this. Continue to rub off excess paper and submerge with water if need be. Be cautious not to rub too hard, as it could rub off your image.


6. Yay! Now you have your precious footprints! Set aside on a dry towel.


7. Grab your glass ornament and strips of tulle and begin slowly pushing them into the ornament. Using the eraser side of a pencil worked like a charm.


8. Continue until your ornament is completely filled with tulle. Recap your ornament.


9. With a small paintbrush spread some mod podge where you would like the footprints to go. Place the footprints (you might cut out each one, and a little tighter as well, to wrap around the ornament better) one at a time over the mod podge.


10. Set aside to dry and enjoy!

Baby Footprint Ornament Hanging on tree

3 thoughts on “Baby Footprint Ornament

  1. Beautiful. I created a similar ornament with the footprints of my son. It brings much comfort to me to have a reminder of him on my Christmas tree. I may tweak the ornament I made a bit using your idea. Thanks for sharing.

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