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If you are visiting for the first time, this post is part of the series “12 Days of Christmas With You in Heaven”. To learn more about this series, please click here. Today we have Mi sharing a super simple way to make your very own angel ornaments!

I recently joined the “Small Birds Studios” blog and wish I would have found it sooner. When the call was sent for guest writers for the 12 Days of Christmas With You in Heaven, I just couldn’t resist volunteering. This will be our third Christmas without Adelle, our Angel Baby. When I first contacted Fran, I mentioned that it would have been nice to have this support and information 3 years ago. Although Christmases don’t get any easier as the years go by, the first one just kind of knots your stomach and makes you feel so empty inside. After all, Christmas is for children and I had already pictured what our first Christmas as a family would look like…

Since that first Christmas, I have tried to find ways to include Adelle to ensure that her short life is also remembered as joyous. Losing her is the sad part; her life is what I want to celebrate and make positive. Our tradition is quite simple, we have an angel ornament (which reads: “Sleep in Heavenly Peace”), that we hang on one of the tallest branches in our tree. When we take photos, she appears there, the little angel amongst the lights and greenery. I may be the only one to notice, but it makes it that much easier to know she is a part of our family celebrations.

I am a crafty person by nature and therefore knew I wanted to help readers create a special angel ornament for their tree. But, I have been told by some non-crafty friends that crafting makes them uncomfortable (they are afraid it won’t look nice or some kind of jazz like that.) I believe everybody is able to create something and I feel confident that this simple (and non-expensive) craft can be achieved by even the least-creative or crafty person! Good thing too, because making the ornament as you think of your baby, will make you feel like you are doing something good… it’s very therapeutic. So please, don’t be afraid!

You can make one angel and start a small tradition for your tree. If you are feeling particularly crafty and/or brave, make a few and send them to the nurses at a Children’s Hospital or the NICU at your local hospital. On Adelle’s birthday we “pay it forward” (do something nice anonymously for a stranger). Perhaps you want to start doing that in memory of your baby… leave one of these cute angel ornaments for the stranger as a “signature”. The possibilities are endless. Whether you believe in Angels in Heaven, or angels on Earth, these little ornaments will help ease some of the pain of spending your first Christmas without your baby.

Here we go.

– Butterfly Paperclip

– Ribbon

– Beads

– Needle

Step 1: Cut the ribbon to about 12-inches long. Take the first end of the ribbon and push through the paperclip and bring it back up. Bring the end back up so that it is even to the second end of the ribbon.

Step 2: If the holes in your beads are tiny, use a needle to pull ribbon into the bead. Pull the first bead until it is snug against the paperclip. Insert a second bead (halo) using the same technique.

Step 3: Tie the ribbon ends together at the top.


2 thoughts on “Angel Ornament Tutorial

  1. This is my kind of craft, thanks! I had to laugh when I got to the end and realized it was just that. I thought there was going to be some complex ribbon-wrapping process all around the clip.

    I am sorry for the loss of Adelle, and glad you have found a way to celebrate her life.

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