Big Brother.

I’ve been concerned more than usual about how Bubby will welcome baby Peach once he realizes she’s not going anywhere, and that she is a part of our family forever.

Right now he LOVES babies. In the store every time he sees a mother pushing a baby through the aisle in a basket he says loudly,”Baby!” looking up at me,”Mama, baby!!!” I’ll usually nod and smile, trying to find the aisle with the sugar, rice or frozen raspberries but that won’t be enough.

“Mama! Baby’s wit da mama!”

“Yes Bubby, the baby’s with her mama.”

Or if the baby’s crying… “Mama! Baby’s cryin'” with a somewhat concerned look on his face.

I have no doubt he’ll do great at first. I found this on Pinterest tonight and it couldn’t have come at a more perfect time.

One thing the article in the link said was to make sure you’re not holding the new baby, the first time your older child comes to visit you+baby at the hospital. Rather, have him ‘bring’ her to me (of course, with the help of his daddy :)

Today I finished up a big thing in the baby’s room, but tomorrow I am going to focus on doing something extra special with the Bubs. He seems to enjoy painting (which I can’t lie, I LOVE!!!) and I found this recipe for sidewalk paintSo, if the weather permits we might just be painting outside tomorrow. And cookies. Lots and lots of cookies :)

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