It’s Okay to Dream

This is the mantra in my head I keep repeating to myself. It is okay to dream. It is okay to hope. And it is okay to feel everything from anger to complete and unspeakable joy.

With Jenna I was obsessed with saturated, vibrant colors like fuchsia, indigo and teal. Fuchsia more than anything. Her room was going to be painted an avocado green and have bright pink and purple paper butterflies hanging from the ceiling. It would have been very flower-child, very artsy. Sublime.

It feels good that the aesthetic I tend to be leaning toward is completely opposite. Soft. Modern. And simply sweet. It feels good that I guess I am not in the same place as I was with Jenna, I fear ‘replacing’ her.

But it feels so good to dream.

I remember laughing with my sister about how much fuchsia this little girl would have (with Jenna). We ourselves were obsessed with the color, and it only seemed natural to pass that infatuation down to the little girl who would soon be a part of our world.

The color fuchsia has become something that reminds me of her, anywhere and everywhere I go. I guess it’s still her color. :)

Now when I see grays and peaches and pinks mixed together my heart skips a beat. I’ve been going kind of crazy on Pinterest

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

A lot of people have told me they are too expecting their rainbow babies. And they too have similar fears, and withholdings in pregnancy.

I feel like this is one step in the right direction.

It is okay to dream. Create a Pinterest board, get some ideas and dream for you and your baby. Hope is a beautiful thing.

Thinking of all the beautiful mamas expecting their rainbow babies tonight.


12 thoughts on “It’s Okay to Dream

  1. It has taken me up to this point (almost 26 weeks) to warm up to the idea of setting up the nursery. We will take home a healthy baby boy in December. we will! love everything you do. Rainbow babies are special wish you nothing but the best with your baby girl.

  2. I love those colors together. They are beautiful.

    I think it’s so special that when you see the color fuschia, you are reminded of Jenna. What a beautiful little “hello” from her. :)

  3. Omg fran!! Alyssa’s nursery theme was butterfly princess and I was hanging the butterflies from the ceilings too! She had a chandelier hung, which now hangs in my living room adjacent to her china closet with her special things. Can’t wait to see how the nursery comes out for this baby :)))

  4. I know just what you mean. I just had my first rainbow 7.5 weeks ago and it was a big step to create that pintrest board, but it felt good. I still have those torn like feels and have to remind myself it’s okay to dream and have overwhelming joy.

  5. I LOVE the butterfly chandelier thing!!! It’s a must have!
    Dream, Franchesca! Dream!
    I know it’s hard (I had a hard time when my brother & SIL were expecting their Rainbow).
    But our hearts must, like a caterpillar in its chrysalis must eventually burst forth as a butterfly, dream.
    Keeping you & Peach in my prayers.

    PS~Love the grey, peach & white!

  6. That is a beautiful mood board, and it will make a beautiful nursery. I also think that there is something quite lovely about your associating Jenna with fushcia pink, it honours her in a really sweet and simple way, and I think it’s totally natural that you would avoid a colour that is “hers”. X

  7. Loved this post! I didn’t get a chance to plan at all for my loss baby because I lost it so early, but this brings back lots of memories of finally getting to plan for my rainbow baby. :)

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