I heard this song and it captured me instantly. At first I was convinced Mumford and Sons sang it (doesn’t it sound like them!?). I love this song. As I listened to the lyrics, they reminded me so much of the sisterhood I found after we lost Jenna in the online baby loss community. We

At Sunset

(written June 2, ’12) At sunset I found a peace in the evening sky. The colors give quite a show, and it’s almost like the colors the sky paints at the end of the day is the grand finale… like their work for the day is finished. And what a masterpiece it is to behold.

New Life

I should be used to this. Not able to explain a single moment with one adjective. So much joy, gratitude, and excitement to meet this new little person. And a touch of anxiety. I want to fast forward through these months and know that everything will be alright. But right now, we are resting in

So This is Love

He must carry love in his pockets. Or maybe he stores it in his toy box along with his favorite cars and balls. This kid is full of mischief (and that is an understatement), but he is so full of love. Yesterday he had himself covered in neon green highlighter. He has been repeating “I-Youuuu”

Clean + Fresh

I can breathe again!!! I am so happy with the way the new look turned out. I hope everything is a little easier to find. I also changed the way I am doing sponsorships, ultimately decided I still want to keep them, just simplified. So be sure to email me if you’re interested in sponsoring

If you asked me…

If you asked me about Bubby, I’d tell you he is living up to the term terrible two’s. I am a little overwhelmed sometimes, but I feel so guilty for having bad days. Because what I wouldn’t have done to have days like this with her… If you asked me about the magazine, I’d tell you