Two Years With You

Lately this post has been on my heart. I have thousands of pictures proving you were this small, but it’s hard to believe this much time has already passed.

I think about what I am pouring into you.

Who I am molding you to become.

The memories I hope you might cherish one day, through pictures and stories.

And more than anything I know that you are the love of God in our lives. The mercy of God in this storm.

As we celebrated this incredible birthday week for Jenna and Nevaeh, we also got to celebrate your beautiful life.

The miracle of you.

We blew up balloons, invited Grandma and Grandpa over, along with some special friends and made a night just for you.

There were two cookie cakes. Two candles.

A t-ball stand, a baseball and a baseball bat for people your size.

 And more than anything, a lot of love.

You woke up the next morning talking about shoes (still scratching my head about that one), asking for Daddy and Papa.

You are two. I cried a little, as we waved your first two years goodbye.

And baby boy, I just couldn’t imagine life without you.

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11 thoughts on “Two Years With You

  1. It’s so hard to believe they are two! I find myself asking (constantly) “how did you get to be such a big boy?” Asher does things that I never imagined him doing at two years old. It’s crazy! I hope that your little man enjoyed his birthday, his pictures are all adorable! Hope to meet him in person some day :)

  2. Absolutely precious! Time flies so quickly. Too quickly.
    Makes you just want to wrap every memory up tight so it is never forgotten!

    Happy Birthday kiddo!!

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