Leaning into

I am coming here because my heart needs it. And I really don’t know where this post will go. There has been a slew of drama (facebook), and well, that just left me feeling so empty yesterday and worrying about things I usually don’t think twice about.

I told God I could not do this alone.

This post was exactly what I needed to read the other day. I am so guilty. Thinking I can just do it all.

And it gets done. But at what cost?

I honestly forget to lean into God, and let him take my burdens. And there are times I convince myself I am past the point of receiving his help.

How good is he to continually want to take these from me?

Good enough to keep trusting, serving, and depending on.

Good enough to GIVE him my everything. Burdens, heartaches, dreams… all of it.

Depending on him to find truth and beauty even on the darkest of days.

Because the truth is everything will be okay.

I saw a quote on Pinterest the other day that went something like this…

Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end.

I had planned on having a paint day with little man today, but time got away from us after his nap. In the morning, God-willing we will be heading to the dollar store, picking up some finger paints and going to town.

It’s been forever since I’ve painted anyway. This is a good way to start, right? :)

Here’s to a beautiful day friends…

13 thoughts on “Leaning into

  1. I was just about to be turning in and saw this. My heart is aching for you, for yesterday. There are countless people that love you for you and even depend on you. I know people that love you and people that will be there for you can be different groups but remember there is always someone there for you. I’m sure in your darkest moments, when you are telling God your troubles, he leads that person to you, the person YOU need right at that moment. I believe that is Jenna sitting on Jesus’ lap asking Him to send you a special someone to help you along the way. Whoever that person may be, that is your gift from Jenna, so you will never really be alone. Much love!

  2. Loving all these shots beautiful. I hope you never experience the drama you encountered on Facebook again. Let God take the wheel and all will fall in place. Funny that last night I was thinking about getting the paint out as I haven’t painted in a while then this morning I came across your post about the similar thing. Have fun :)

  3. Sometimes a little breather is all we need to find our center again, and fingerpainting with your son? priceless, think I’ll do the same with my guy here soon 😉

  4. You Will probably find this silly, but you have been on my mind lately. Not really sure why but know you are in my thoughts and prayers. Remember If God brings you to it, HE Will bring you thru it.

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