Coffee Date + Confessions

It’s been far too long since we’ve had a coffee date. I hope you’ll grab a cup of your favorite drink (for some reason coffee hasn’t been my favorite so I’ll be drinking iced tea with lemon :). I think it has to do with the (oh, so lovely) warm weather we’ve been having. Tea just sounds better.

If you and I were sitting over a glass of tea, in some comfy house shoes, and Bubby playing in the background I’d tell you how good it is to be offline. Lately my moments offline have been so refreshing, almost beckoning me to leave this space forever. God knows I need this space though, so it wouldn’t last too long.

I’d tell you that Bubby’s still refusing to eat much these days, but by some miracle – still growing like a weed.

I’d tell you that I really love Bones and am SO glad it finally started up again.

I’d tell you about our fish (and hope you wouldn’t be bored to tears). For some reason we have had some trouble with the smallest ones (recommended by Petsmart) bullying the larger ones. I know they’re just fish, but it still makes me sad.

I’d tell you that it makes me a little distressed that people who never say a word to me in real life read this blog.

I’d tell you that I have a million things to do, but have no idea where to start. So there are times when I am blank, reading blogs and watching television when I should be checking things off my list. I need a vacation.

I’d tell you that there are times when I think it would be easier to take all her things and place them in a box than see them out everywhere, everyday. Times like this I hate myself. But that is grief. Cruel in it’s purest form.

I’d tell you that Heaven feels so close lately. And I feel so undeserving. Lately so many ‘little’ things have happened in my world and the only way to make sense of it is to give God all the glory. He knows I miss her like crazy.

I’d tell you that our photoshoot for Still Standing Magazine went beautifully. The entire session was made possible by the wonderful ladies that came out to join us. The highlight though, was seeing the butterflies among us as we were taking pictures. Butterflies where you would least expect them. Hopefully a few of the photos will testify to this :)

I’d tell you that everywhere I go, people get excited when I share the magazine and what it’s going to be about. And almost everyone I share it with can relate to it’s content on some level.

I’d tell you that The Hunger Games was both disturbing and amaaaazing at the same time. I’d be honest and tell you I didn’t know the movie (or the books) existed before two Fridays ago, when my Twitter feed was blowing up with #hungergames tweets.

I’d tell you that freelensing is something I just learned about the other day, and dying to try on some spring flowers.

I’d tell you that we finally ordered the t-shirts for our March of Dimes walk on April 29. And I think mine will have rhinestones… :)

I’d tell you that I’m learning to say ‘no’ to the things I can’t handle or do… and that in itself is liberating.

I’d ask about you. Your life, your wishes, your dreams, your heart.

I hope we can catch up again sometime soon.

xoxo fran

9 thoughts on “Coffee Date + Confessions

  1. I love this. I’m in this phase with my grief where I want him everywhere, all over my house…but I also wouldn’t be surprised if I came to a point where time keeps moving and having the items out aren’t helping…but I know, even if we bury everything so there are no visual reminders, it will always be there. There just isn’t any way for it not to be a part of us forever – no matter what we do.

  2. oh girl! what a sweet post. and amazing photos. i’m with you… time away from the computer is so sweet. i hardly miss the internet. but then i do. : )

  3. I love reading your posts….what a great concept. As far as REAL life, wish I had a chance to meet you! The magazine sounds like an amazing thing to be a part of. If we were having coffee, I would tell you about how I drink too much coffee and can’t sleep, that I wish I could make myself stop {for a moment} the thing I think I need to be doing yo do the things I should be doing, that we are moving and about the exciting plans I havr for our new place, and I would tell you that I think your doing a great job!

  4. And I would tell you that I understand the distress of people in real life reading your blog. It always surprises me when people I meet read my blog!

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