Breaking Away {trip to the park}

This week’s ‘breaking away’ involved packing a container of fresh fruit, cold water, and enough diapers for a full day of fun. We got to the park, and Bubby hit the ground running. 

Can you spot the butterfly? :)

We got the water in the play area started and I should have taken his clothes off sooner. I regretted not bringing extra clothes for him but wasn’t going to let that get in the way of having a good time! It was warm enough to let those clothes dry almost completely before heading home.

Watching him have the time of his life was a great start to this commitment of breaking away.

I hope you’ve found some time out of your normal routine for the things your heart enjoys :)

xo fran

5 thoughts on “Breaking Away {trip to the park}

  1. Hi Fran, I loves these pics so sweet. I wanted to let you know I am hosting a weekly link up for bereaved mommies. We started Tuesday and it went well. My vision is just that we would love and support each other in our grief. If you know any blogging mommies that would benefit from this weekly link up please send them my way. I am really excited about the magazine! Thank you for all you do for the baby loss community:) this is the link to our first link up

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