warning // picture overload.

I couldn’t help myself. Even though the moment didn’t last long (insert hot sun rising on us, child wanting to run to street and ant piles everywhere) it was quite lovely.

Perfect actually.

This time last year he didn’t walk. He rolled everywhere, almost helpless.

This year he was fearless.

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23 thoughts on “Bluebonnets

  1. What adorable photos of your gorgeous little man :) Love all the bluebonnets… you’re so lucky to be surrounded by them… I can’t remember the last time I saw them here in Oz :( Love to you always xoxo

  2. Look at him, he’s now walking and running. Days are really fast, one day you will be surprise he’s full grown man already.
    Thanks for sharing those photos! Your son is so adorable kid.

  3. Hi Franchesca, you captured the perfect angle of your son and i love the Black and white photos. Thanks for sharing this to us!

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