Saying Goodbye to Google Friend Connect

Hi friends! I just wanted to share that GFC (Google Friend Connect) is officially kicking all of us out who are not using Blogger for our blogs. I think they’re super lame but I guess they get to make the shots right?

Anyway if you read/ follow my blog using your Blogger reader, I would LURVE to keep ya :)

You can follow a few ways:

Subscribe by RSS or Email and get all the posts straight to your inbox

Follow on Bloglovin‘ (this one is wayyyy cool. It shows the three latest posts with huge thumbnails pictures and a good size excerpt for each post)

Follow on Twitter (I publish all posts to Twitter)

Follow on Facebook where I also publish all my posts.

Follow on Pinterest and get the visual side of everything I post! :]

and last but not least (eh, my least favorite, but it’s growing on me) Google+!

ps- are those blooms not the sweetest? So thankful for our first & totally unexpected sign of spring!! These are the first blooms in her garden this year. And right before my birthday and Valentine’s day.

perfection :]

7 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye to Google Friend Connect

  1. HAHA I must be a SBS fanatic cause I already follow you all those ways, well except Google+. Only because I have been actively avoiding it but then the whole stinky Picnik thing happened and now you’re there soooo…guess I’ll join.

  2. I’m soooooooo upset that GFC is no longer allowing others to use their services. I feel like that’s the main thing a lot of people use. I’ve followed you on Twitter & G+!

  3. HAHAHA, seriously, we are so on the same wavelength. I literally am writing a post all about Bloglovin now to update all my peeps! Oh so mad at GFC and that stupid decision!

  4. I found a new way that I just put on my blog… linky followers. I use linky for my friday party and heard they have a new followers set up. Looks pretty nice and easy to use. Similar to google reader, looks like. Going to write a post about it soon… need to get people to make a switch before we are officially kicked out of GFC! lol

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