Love Story. {part 2}

A few days ago I shared the very first moments of our love story, and how we came to be Mr+Mrs. You can catch up on Part 1 here if you missed it.

Anyway I left off with the skating rink awkwardness. The double dose of awkwardness, might I add.

We headed back to camp and exchanged minimal words. (insert extreme shyness on both parties here). Ugh. Getting past that point of awkwardness is HARD! I don’t miss being a teenager for a minute!

It was Tuesday, maybe Wednesday – and there was a service that evening. It’s church camp so there was a service every morning and every evening, and up until this evening I didn’t really pay much attention. I was only going to get a guy’s attention, remember? Bad, bad, bad- I know.

But something happened that evening during the service. For the first time in the two years we’d been going to church my heart was open. I can’t tell you what words were said or what the focus of the message was really about now, but I do know that something happened in my heart. And I found something that day that I didn’t even know I was looking for.

Actually Jesus found me. I got saved that night, and friends – life has never been the same. From the inside out, my desires changed, my outlook on life changed. Everything changed. Something I’ve never been able to get over, even to this day is the love of God. To give this girl, who didn’t care a thing about God, not only the chance to talk to this boy, but marry him too. And save me, as if that all wasn’t enough.

It really baffles me sometimes that everything about life today was weighing in the balance in that moment I agreed to go to that camp for a boy.

After camp was over, I went home a different person. I think my mom could tell right away that something was different. Even though the rest of the week, Pete and I didn’t say much to each other I had met the One who would always, always and had always loved me. For who I was.

As the months went on, Pete began approach me more before or after church services and we eventually would hang out quite a bit with mutual friends.

Since he went to a really small private school he went to my prom with me. Smile :] I need to share a picture or two one day! And wishing so much I had another excuse to wear that fabulous dress. I still have it.

We talked about marriage that night, and I think that’s when we knew we wanted to be together forever. Cheeeeeeeeseball, I know. But it’s true.

We dated for four years and then one day he made his hour drive up to Huntsville (where I went to school) to propose. Surprised, and in tears, I said yes.

I had to wait tables that night but, Oh goodness!! I was on CLOUD NINE THOUSAND!! I couldn’t stop staring at this beautiful ring.

Our engagement lasted six months or so, and we had a big ol’ Christmas wedding, married 2 days before Christmas in 2006. Talk about stressful! I was still in school, so it only made sense to have it during one of my breaks. But we really did both love the idea of a Christmas wedding.

God has been so good. He had much different plans for me than I ever could have imagined.

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9 thoughts on “Love Story. {part 2}

  1. Your anniversary is December 23, 2006?

    THAT”S MY BIRTHDAY! We had our Aussie engagement party on December 23, 2006!

    😀 Just when I think I can’t possibly love you any more Franchesca!

  2. That’s a very inspiring story! It seems like something that will make a very nice movie. How I wish I can also have that kind of story; God still busy writing mine.

  3. So beautiful, Francesca! I love reading love stories, and I love that yours includes how you met the One who loves you more than anything. Thank you for sharing it. And OHMYWORD your Pappasitos coaster instagram just came up… I lived in Texas for a few years and I miss Pappasitos SO much! Every time I go back it’s on the must-eat list. Their fajitas are the best ever!

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