One of these days…

One of these days my sweet boy….

You won’t be so small.

You’ll be saying full sentences sooner than I realize.

And running off to play with your friends. It feels like I can’t hug you tight enough these days.

Mommy won’t be your world like she is now, one day. Oh I am so not looking forward to that day.

I have to admit I love the love you have for me. It comes so freely, so unconditional.

You love me just because I’m your mother.

That sounds a little funny saying that because I worked really really HARD to get you here. Lots of prayers, lots of tears and a whole lot of sleepless nights.

But you don’t know any of that. And you love me anyway.

Oh to be a child.

Thank you for showing me love in it’s purest form.

God loved me sooo much that he gave me YOU.

My big ball of sunshine.

Just the other day you discovered your own shadow. It was around 7 in the morning and I walked by you and had to look twice. You were playing with your shadow in the morning sunlight.

It was the cutest thing.

And just today you studied the rain. Like really studied it. Of course, not for long. (You get bored easy these days) But it was neat to watch you, and teach you a little about the rain.

You are busy. You’re learning to say “Please” more. You’re beginning to think that by saying please it’s a ticket to get whatever the heck you want. It’s hard not to give in too, because you just sound so darn cute saying “PEEZE!” with a ridiculous grin across your face.

Oh and the other day you threw your monitor in the toilet. You know, the expensive one your grandparents bought for us. Yea. I still haven’t checked if it works now that it’s dried off (ew) but my guess is no. I thought I got lucky with the one kid who didn’t care for toilets or trash cans.

Yup. You’ve proved me wrong in the past five and half days.

Love you anyway little guy. More than you’ll ever know.

12 thoughts on “One of these days…

  1. I found your blog through Casey Leigh’s giveaway (that I really hope I win because I NEEEEEEEDDDDD your service!). Your little boy is so cute! Can’t wait to start reading your blog :)

  2. Oh this post made me cry because it made me reflect on my boy Julian. How fast they grow. I look at him and Emma in amazement. We are some blessed girls, Fran!
    Bubby is so big and so handsome, I just want to hug him and squeeze him.

  3. so beautiful!! I love how you write~straight from the heart <3 what a cute little guy. perfect that you are savoring every minute, esp. at this cute age. I worried that my boy would grow up too soon and i would be pushed aside. No need to worry though. there is something about a boy & his mother. My son, my rainbow, is 16 now and we are still very close, thank God. I went through quite a journey to have him here too~almost didn't. You capture in this post what is is to be a boy so well. i just wish i had taken more pics, & wrote more about the funny boy things my son did. he would never believe it now, lol. Have u heard of the MOB society on FB. (Mothers of Boys society ). i think u would like it 😉

    1. Oh Gina, that is so encouraging that you are still so close to your son. I hope Bubby and I always have a strong bond. I have never heard of MOB society! That sounds so interesting! Boys are SO much fun!!! :)

  4. Love you cherishing the moments with him. I had my 3 girls, then after losing Eden at birth premature, perspective, life, EVERYTHING (as you know) is different! I now have Judah, my rainbow & 1st BOY and just trying to enjoy it more, treasure things more this time & more with my girls. Losing her made me not want to lose time, moments, memories in the now.

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