12 Days of Christmas With You in Heaven {day 7}

I am so pleased to share Jennette’s words with you today. She has shared a sweet idea for a Christmas ornament, and a gorgeous website to purchase ornaments from if you’re not feeling too crafty :)

From early on we are taught that Christmas is supposed to be one of the happiest times of our life, but what if it brings sadness? Is it okay to not be okay, and to do things differently? Quite simply, Yes! How you feel during the holidays will be as individual as you are. I am learning to do what works for us and tells our families story. Creating traditions to remember our precious miracle is bound to set off a roller coaster of emotions, moments of sadness and joy all mixed into one. For our family, we knew that we wanted to create traditions that involved all of us, including our six year old, Anastacia. So much of our healing has been watching and seeing how God is working through her to touch our hearts.

Anastacia had the idea that she wanted to make and paint ornaments for Isaac. I looked at our local craft stores, and after not finding what we were looking for, we spent a Saturday afternoon as a family at a local pottery studio. She picked out an angel and cross for Isaac and bells for our family.

Glimpses of JOY!

After they fired them we picked them up and added ribbons and a few of our own embellishments. We had so much fun making these as a family together. I thought they turned out beautiful and were made with lots of love.

We also decided to find some picture frame ornaments to capture some of the precious memories we have of Isaac’s birth.

~Perfect tiny feet~

~His amazing message of love, the sign his hand was formed in at birth~

Our final stop was at the Vintage Pearl, an online boutique of unique handstamped jewelry that we are fortunate to have a store front location for locally. After Isaac’s birth I wanted a charm to add to my necklace to remember him by and Anastacia came along and ended up making a necklace for herself as well. When I saw the stamp with the “I Love You” sign I knew we had found the perfect charms. They are beautiful keepsakes that we will always treasure.

We stopped in to see if they could personalize an ornament for Isaac. Little did I know the moment God had orchastrated for me. The sweet clerk who helped us is also a baby loss momma, and the ornament in the picture below is one from her daughter. How absolutely perfect is this sweet angel?

We ordered one to be personalized with Isaac’s name and “our angel in heaven” below. They are also stamping the middle with the “I Love You” sign that we have on our necklaces. This ornament is not shown on their website, but per the clerk who helped me you can order it by phone.

Another idea that they do have on their website she said families like to personalize as well is the star ornament below. They will list the dates on the left and right lower points with the child’s name in the middle.

If I have learned anything the last year it is that God is bigger than our pain, sorrow and fears. And He loves us through it all. Jesus came to meet us right where we are in the middle of our mess. Jesus is God’s ultimate gift to us, the light that came into the darkness.

“The true light that gives light to everyone was coming into the world.” John 1:9

Our families story and our precious miracle Isaac simply became His story, a story of His goodness and love despite the overwhelming sorrow we felt through the loss of Isaac. Please visit our blog below to read more about our journey…
Our Breathtaking Life

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