Holy snap. What a week. My eyes are craving sleep these days!

Life is good. Life is weird sometimes. Like last night. I am hands down a people pleaser. And I hate every second of it. I talk a big game- you can’t please everyone, so don’t try… but in truth my heart hurts way more than it should when my passions, the things I work so hard for are not ‘approved’. I seriously need to get over it. And I have, but I’m sharing with you this morning that maybe it was more than my heart that was hurt. Maybe it was my pride.

This community has been nothing but supportive of everything I’ve worked towards since losing Jenna. I’ve been spoiled by your relentless support. And I thank you for that :) So it ruffled my feathers a bit when someone made a very pointed remark about our card line.

Eh, people will have opinions, they can’t be changed. And that’s really not my hope at all, even if they are ill-formed. My hope is to inspire you.

To live. To love. To believe.

To embrace this life in spite of the heartache.

I hope you can take that away from the beautiful mess she left behind.

sending big love to all of you,

ps- I hope you’ll consider sharing your heart on the small miracles blog hop tomorrow.


20 thoughts on “Refocusing

  1. I believe there is always a sour apple in the bunch. And what you do Fran for this community is amazing. I’m sorry someone said something hurtful.

  2. I am hurt along with you Franchesca, so you are not alone there.I feel that the person who did not approve has a lot of coldness in her heart and that makes me feel sad for her. Like I said we are coming from a place of pure love. I choose to support and love everyone in this community, so do you, we are going in the right direction, I know it :) And yeah, I love you, like heaps. xxx

  3. It’s really hard when one person says something heartless. I have been feeling this a little too. I was told this weekend that some people think we focus too much of our time on River. What!? Helping other people and doing something positive for ourselves is investing too much of our time into our son who is no longer on earth. I think people don’t get it, and although this situation upsets me, it will not change that I am River’s mom. I will keep doing what I need to do for my heart.

    So sorry, Fran that someone made your work feel less than inspirational. I am honored to call you my friend <3

    1. Oh my word Deanna, now that really upsets me. How could anyone tell you that you focus too much on one of your children? You are doing so much for bereaved parents in River’s name. So so thankful for YOUR friendship and support Deanna!!!

      Sending big love to you <3

  4. I am truly sorry that someone hurt you in that way. It especially hurts when it comes from a place in your heart that you give so freely. There are so many of us out there trying to make a difference. You and Carly do that every moment of every day. I know I rarely feel as though I ‘measure up’ to what others are doing but if one person is touched by a kind word or sentiment then I have succeeded. I strive to please God and my babies, everyone else is an extra blessing. xoxox

  5. Oh Fran (and Carly) I hear you about taking things so personally. Just remember how many supporters you have and how truly amazing and inspiring you both are.

    Love to you always.

  6. Oh girls, that’s not good at all. I personally think your card line is amazing, I’d buy each and every one of them if I could! You do a wonderful thing – they are so much more than a simple ‘In Sympathy’ card – SO MUCH MORE! And especially when coming from the love of grieving mothers who’ve been there. You girls are doing a wonderful thing for mothers, for the memory of your babies and for God’s Kingdom xx

  7. Okay ~ who was it. . . I will go beat them up! Seriously?! How can anyone think than anything we do that is inspired by the lives of our children can be negative? Especially since there are SO MANY holes within the babyloss community. Needs that each of us can try and help fill in our own way in an attempt to bring either understanding and much needed love to those of us that will always be joining this club. The movement towards doing a greater good will always be attacked in some way. Keep going! Both you and Carly are amazing!

  8. Thank you so much for your sweet comments and support <3

    No, we really can't please everyone. Some people are just plain heartless when it comes to, well, anything. It's pretty sad, but the only thing you can do is move on. We've endured worse and gotten stronger, it all makes us stronger <3

    You have such a huge support here, I hope to meet some more of these ladies. You are so sweet, they have to be too!

    I love your blog layout. If you find any good free wordpress ones, please let me know. I've been out of the loop for so long!

    Big hugs!

  9. I am so sorry…I don’t think it was your pride…it really was your heart that hurt. It would hurt my heart if someone criticized the service I do for others. It is from the love, birth, and loss of my daughter that I do so. If she hadn’t been here, I wouldn’t have ever have thought to do it…

    So you and Carly keep marching on with your bad selves. There is a greater number of women that appreciate you more than you will ever know…….

  10. I think given the nature of this community, there are always going to be people like that around. Some people just really can’t comprehend this stuff until they’ve gone through it, and even then, some of them are so bitter that they just can’t wrap their heads around it.

    I know the negative words of one person will always try to outweigh the words of the other 1000s, but I hope you know that you are still very loved and supported.

  11. your card line is A-MAZING. Please don’t let anyone discourage the work that you are doing. I love having the perfect card to send to another BLM. and honestly, you guys say it better than I can. It’s a huge comfort to me knowing that in my box of cards, there’s stuff for birthdays, stuff for holidays and special stuff for friends whose milestones aren’t recognized by halmark etc… Please keep up the great work!

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