Tulle Butterfly Tutorial

Last year this was another little fundraiser craft I put together to help raise money for Jenna’s Journal Drive which turned out to be a HUGE success :)

So here we go…

Gather your supplies:

– A roll of 6″ tulle of your color choice
– ribbon ~ any color
– thin sculpture wire (36″)
– scissors
– wire cutters

Step 1: Cut about 10 strips of tulle into 12″ sections.

Step 2: Begin the butterfly frame by finding the half way point and looping it twice as seen above.

Step 3: Take each of the loose ends of the wire and wrap them around the loops to secure the loops, which will be the top butterfly wings.

Step 4: After securing the top butterfly wings/ loops, create two bottom loops and wrap the wire once again to secure the bottom wings.

Step 5: Pull the extra wire (if you have any) up over the top butterfly wings for antennas. Your frame will look something like this. It does not have to be perfect, as the tulle will cover up any flaws :)

Step 6: Begin adding in the tulle by tying the strips of tulle onto the center of the butterfly’s body.

Step 7: Tie them as close together as possible to make sure the butterfly is nice and fluffy!

Step 8:  It will be very full by the time you tie all 10 or so strips onto the butterfly’s body.

Step 9: Begin trimming the tulle to shape it to your liking. It looks best if you leave about 3/4″ or more of tulle from the frame.


Step 10: It will look something like the above picture when the excess tulle is trimmed off.

Step 11: Turn over the butterfly and tie on a ribbon for hanging.

Step 12: You can also tie in ribbons throughout the butterfly, just as you tied in the tulle.

Enjoy your tulle butterfly!!


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