10 Things That Will Make Your Blog AWESOME {part 4}

Little disclaimer – these are just my opinion… taken and formed from my blog designing experience this past year and a half, and some things I’ve picked up along the way. Please take them with a grain of salt, and keep doing what you know is best for your blog :) xo

Yesterday we talked about how handy social media icons are, and today I’d like to expand a little on share buttons.

If you are looking to expand your blog, and make it grow a little, these are definitely worth investing in. There are a number of ways to install them onto your blog template.

Blogger has some default share buttons, but just between me and you- they just don’t POP enough!… Is it just me? I mean they’re GREY for crying out loud, unless you hover over them! I tend to think something called Sexy Bookmarks is a little more yes – edgy for some, but eyecatching- which is the point after all.

See the difference?

Blogger’s share buttons:

Sexy Bookmark Share Buttons:

So how do you get these flashy little share buttons on your blog?

Click here for a fabulously written tutorial! Warning: it does require a little HTML coding, but if you back up your template first, you’ve got nothing to lose and it’s so worth a shot. Promise. 😉


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