Bluebird Tuesday ~ Openings in Heaven

What a quick week this will be! It’s already time for Bluebird Tuesday :)

A few weeks ago this quote was submitted by Jo Mills for a card line idea. It has become one of my absolute favorite quotes.

Hopefully later today Carly and I will be unveiling our card line site {insert supper happy faces here} :) To kick if off, in the next few days I will be hosting a little giveaway from the redbubble site… so please come back or subscribe to stay tuned!

Something good has come of all this. And I am so excited to share it with all of you who have been my support these past two+ years.

If there is a saying, quote, verse or anything that you would like our card line to say, please leave your ideas in a comment, I read each and every one of them.

Sending love & peace,

*The picture links back to the redbubble site where the featured card is available. I would just like to add that I certainly don’t expect you to purchase the card if you submit a quote. I would just love to hear what you would like our cards to say :) We also ask that you respect our copyright wish on all photos and not copy them from the blog or redbubble site.

One thought on “Bluebird Tuesday ~ Openings in Heaven

    it is gorgeous….. it is my favourite qoute, and this so does it justice… i will def be buying this one…
    Thank you so much Fran… i needed to see this this morning…
    xxx All my love. xxx

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