Rain Happy Thoughts

After weeks and weeks of no rain, it felt refreshing to sink my bare feet in the soaked grass and dirt this morning.

And the sunset last night was… breathtaking. I like to believe the rain clouds had something to do with that view. This morning I’m joining Gussy in her Inspirational Workshop on ‘spend the day playing’.

Today started surprisingly early {6AM!}, and I plan on seizing this gorgeous day- away from the computer, laundry and the house. I plan on spending the day playing, with my boy, a pile of chocolate and practicing some of this brilliance from The Pioneer Woman on my camera… and who knows what else… :)

I started this playful, happy day with one of favorite things to do- snap piccies in Jenna’s garden.

How do you spend the day playing…?

To join this link up click the cute button below :)

Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!

4 thoughts on “Rain Happy Thoughts

  1. hi franchesca, so glad you stopped by my blog! i’ve enjoyed looking around yours. (: i love your style!

    i also love the meaning behind your blog. my sister lost her daughter, tori mae, after just nine days in 2009. everything about your website is so lovely and reminds me of God’s faithful promise to bring beauty out of ashes. xo.

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