Bluebird Tuesday~ Joy From Loving You

Good morning lovely people, I hope you’re having a wonderful Tuesday. Me and Bubby just started our day and I’d like nothing more than to share one of the beautiful quotes that was submitted last week by Laura. *Bluebird Tuesday has changed up a bit, but I hope these posts make you smile, even for a moment.

Do you have a quote, lyrics or a verse that speaks to you? Feel free to share it in the comments.

Wishing everyone a happy happy Tuesday :)

*The picture links back to the redbubble site where the featured card is available. I would just like to add that I certainly don’t expect you to purchase the card if you submit a quote. I would just love to hear what you would like our cards to say :) We also ask that you respect our copyright wish on all photos and not copy them from the blog or redbubble site.

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