Pay it Forward – I think you might LOVE this one :)

This month’s cause it very dear to me. I remember dreading leaving the NICU when Jenna was still fighting for her life. When the nurse staff told us about the Ronald McDonald House it was a *tiny* bit easier to slip away for some much needed Zzzz’s. Of course the Ronald McDonald House offers so much more for families with children in intensive care units, but in our case it kept us close to our daughter. I will always always be grateful for that.

This month a portion of every blog design order will be donated to the Ronald McDonald House in Houston.

I distinctly remember getting an envelope in the mail about a week or two after Jenna passed away. And you know after a week has passed the numbness is your best friend, helping you survive after your world has been rocked to the core. But I remember that envelope, and I opened it and someone… a complete stranger to my knowledge made a $50 donation to the Ronald McDonald House in Jenna’s name. I will NEVER forget that gesture of kindness.

This month I will be making the donation in one of your babies’ name… :) Please just leave a comment with your baby(ies)’s full name and I will draw one entry at the end of the month.

*Please also consider sharing this post on facebook or twitter to share the Pay it Forward Program made possible through my blog designs.


12 thoughts on “Pay it Forward – I think you might LOVE this one :)

  1. This is amazing, and so are you beautiful Fran♥ Of course I’ve love a donation made in my baby boy’s name, Aiden Kenneth Bailey

  2. Oh, I wish I had another blog for you to design! What a wonderful cause. I think I will make my own donation. I often forget about the RMH, but it has been utilized by several of my friends as well as my sister in law when my nephew had his open heart surgery. Totally sharing on FB!

  3. Liam Maximilian Rasmussen

    When I was in San Francisco for my son’s surgery we were going to be staying in the local Ronald McDonald house for approx. 3 months, When he died in surgery we only were able to stay a night before we went back home. I thought it was such a wonderful thing to have a place like that to help families that needed to be away from home.

  4. What a wondeful gesture. I am so glad that you are doing this. I would love to have it donated in my daughter’s name Emily Faith Medeiros.

  5. The RMH is a great place for families! The one at our hospital opened 6 days after Ellie died. We served dinner there a few weeks ago and it is a beautiful place!

    Ellie Lauree DeRoma

  6. Awesome!!! So glad I’m doing a design this month!!! I’d love to have a donation in Aiden’s name!

    Aiden William Jackson

    Thanks Fran!!


  7. The RMDH is dear to mee too i was at the RMDH in las vegas for 114 days i try to help in any way i can ..In july iam travel to vegas to go cook to the RMDH..and much more…

    Serena Lesley

  8. RMH is so amazing. They helped so many close friends and family. It’s always such a sad thing to be in need of their help, but it’s so touching to know they are still there.

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