First Birthday Bash

Oh that. Yes, it happened. Two weeks ago actually! Where has my brain been… ?

And I forgot the Small Miracles blog hop yesterday. Oh boy- well hopefully I’ll start getting my act together. In between recovering from some serious birthday-bash-planning, Jenna’s special dates scattered all over this month, the insane wait list {I’m really not complaining!}, preparing for a vacay in a few weeks {skips around the living room}, and brainstorming ideas for _______ {more on this later!} my head is spinning and all for good reason.

But I like it this way. This is how I function.

This is how I learned to survive after losing Jenna- throw myself into my work which I love.

Now it’s a way of life.


But what I really wanted to share were some snapshots taken by a friend of mine, Beth, of Bubby’s first birthday party :)

Nearly everyone that received an invite showed up, it was AWESOME. Of course Bubby had a grand ol’ time. He was the center of attention and ate. it. up.

100+ cupcakes and 8 pounds of icing later… it was all worth it.

*Handmade with love*… yea, next birthday party I think I’ll just order one! 😉 Let’s just say I was up waayyy past midnight making sure there was enough icing for all the cupcakes.

Pete getting ready to grill some hamburgers!

I couldn’t of done it without Carrie! Thank God she knew what she was doing! :)


My dad and my Bubby ♥

There were a ridiculous amount of balloons thanks to these people {minus me on the phone}

Now this was shocking. I think Joseph must be extra tender-hearted. He got scared by my hubby trying to help him ‘hit’ the pinata. Can you tell he’s fixing to cry? So sad.

It finally did break though :) {thanks to Pete who whacked it after all the kids tried to break it} Miss being a kid sometimes.

And the cupcake… :) Everyone enjoyed watching Bubby devour his cupcake.

Can you tell which part of the cupcake is his favorite? 😉

Opening gifts in front of everyone with Bubby eventually crawling all over the place was… interesting. The kids at the party ended up helping me, which I totally welcomed.


Is his silhouette not the prettiest thing ever??

Hello handsome :)

I so love being his mama ♥

Thank you Beth for taking all the awesome pictures! x

15 thoughts on “First Birthday Bash

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  2. Oh my goodness what a beautiful Birthday party you had for Bubby. Can’t believe he is already one!!!
    Sorry I haven’t been around much but you and your family are always in my thoughts and prayers.
    Love your pictures too!

  3. I remember well when Bubbie was born – so hard to think of him being a year old! Happy birthday, Bubbie!!!!

  4. These pictures are wonderful! It looks like it was a great party. This month has been super crazy for you and I am in awe ((as always!)) with how incredible you pull everything together. You’re so awesome Fran!

  5. What a wonderful birthday party. The cupcake cake looks awesome!! I could never put something like that together. I loved your pic of Bubby with his dad trying to hit the pinata! Bubby is so adorable!

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