The Healing Garden

There is something beautiful about the blossoms in her garden. I wish I could send the smell of her dark pink roses through the blog to share with you all.

There is something deeply healing about all the flowers growing in her memory.

It is our hope to be able to bring her some of these roses on her birthday in a few weeks, from her own lovely garden.

I never used to be one to love roses, but lately they have found a special place in my heart. If you have a special garden what do you grow?


16 thoughts on “The Healing Garden

  1. I also like roses- yellow ones. Yellow roses remind me of Noah, and in our old house we had them planted in the front and back gardens. We moves in the fall.. so we’ll have to plant some new ones this spring.

    Also- Blue Hydrangeas.. they are just beautiful, and their blossoms are full of life. they may me happy

  2. Thank you for sharing these lovely pictures. We have created a garden, that has grown so much in 2 short years. In Wisconsin, we are just getting spring {yay!!} so the daffodils, and tulips are starting to come up, which makes me so happy! Last year we had flowers from March until October and it was just beautiful! You are right, there is something very healing about watching their gardens grow. I also enjoy tending to the garden, and bring River some of this flowers, it gives me the feeling as if I am taking care of him.

    Aside from the above, we have lilacs, peonies, rose bushes, lilies (a few varieties), irises, black-eyed susan’s daisies, johnny jump ups, violets (white & purple), a flowering crab tree, a pear tree, a River Birch tree (this was a beautiful gift)…I’m sure I am missing some. There were so many given to us when our community found out we were creating a garden, some were pulled right from their gardens & I don’t know the names of the plants :) It is so lovely, and I will have to share photos on my blog when everything begins to bloom!

    1. Wow Deanna, your garden sounds absolutely stunning. I can’t wait to see pictures of all those flowers too! And the River Birch tree, how perfect that gifts must have been ♥

  3. beautiful roses. I’m not really a rose person either, a flower person in general actually. i never thought about planting anything becuz i’m horrible at keeping anything alive. About a month after Ireland died I noticed something in the small garden in front of the house, things were growing. We had lovely red tulips grow, I like to think she sent them for me.
    This year the tulips are growing again, started just before her birthday even tho it was cold and not anywhere near being spring weather.

    1. Amanda — we found daisies shortly after River died, that we never knew were there! We had been mowing over them the entire 4 years we lived at our house. It wasn’t until after he passed, that we could care less about our lawn, that we discovered them :) our little babes send us precious gifts!!

  4. Just beautiful! Roses are my faves but I’m planting gladiolas (Augusts birth flower) and lots of purple, including some that attract butterflies (like sweet peas and echinacea). Jenna’s garden is off to a gorgeous start this year!

    1. Thank you Mary! I also love the flowers that attract butterflies! I might have to grab some of those for her garden as well :)

  5. Oh they are beautiful Franchesca! And I know just how wonderful they smell. I love to garden. Peonies and iris and roses are a few of my favorites. But really… I love them all! ♥

  6. We also have roses for Olivia. The rose bush has grown so much since we got it. It currently has one rosebud and we are waiting for it to bloom.

  7. Beautiful roses! I bet they do smell sweet.

    In Carleigh’s corner there is a weeping cherry tree and under the tree I have flowering host’s. I haven’t planted flowers in her corner yet but I want to. I do have a big butterfly bush in front of my kitchen window. Love it. I love looking out the window and seeing the butterflies.

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