A few things the 1st day of Spring brought…

I ventured out into Jenna’s garden today and it was a much needed break -Just to be outside- Not to mention the beautimous weather that puts me in the ‘gardening mood’ :)

I spent over an hour pulling weeds. I don’t know how weeds manage to survive the ridiculous cold winters but pretty flowers can’t. Anyway Jenna’s garden is a happy weed-free place. For now anyway!

Look at all these yucky weeds! I must have filled this bucket up 5 times. I found out if you pull weeds out you can’t just toss them out of the garden behind you… 😉 They need to be disposed of otherwise they’ll just find a new home in the grass surrounding the garden. So now my new battle is with the weeds around the garden… ha!

While I was working in the dirt so was my little man…

And yes, that is totally dirt you see on his face. Apparently anything he can get in his mouth= food these days.

He had a blast being outdoors :)

I found a few surprises in the garden too… One was this sweet ladybug-

Another sweet surprise was the burst of pink on Jenna’s redbud tree-

This was probably the best part about being outside today, noticing the pink showing up everywhere!! Someone commented on how much pink I had picked out for Jenna’s garden but to me I couldn’t see it being her garden any other way. :)

After all, she was a princess.

9 thoughts on “A few things the 1st day of Spring brought…

  1. Absolutely beautiful! I’m looking forward to getting Addie’s garden started this year. However, instead of pink like Princess Jenna, Addie’s will be purple! Can’t wait to see more pics of Jenna’s garden. And…what kid doesn’t like to eat a little dirt?! 😀 Great pics, thank you for sharing!

  2. I really need to start a garden for Olivia! I bought a rose bush last year and potted it in a huge pot for her. I was too scared that we might move and I would have to leave the rose bush here some day :( I have really been wanting to buy a red bud tree too…I just don’t know where to put it. We don’t really have that much real estate and would love to also take it with me some day when we move. I’ll have to think of something to do.

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