Using Kraft Paper for Gift Wrapping

I am falling in love again. And this time it’s not with chocolate. It’s with brown kraft paper!

This paper is amazing because it is eco-friendly, inexpensive & durable. All super qualities. Look at all the ways you can use kraft paper to wrap up your holiday gifts! :)

Most or at least half of the gifts this year will be wrapped in kraft paper. Once I run out of last year’s snowman printed wrapping paper it will be a thing of the past in our house!

{yarn pom-poms}

{dress it up with festive masking tape and ribbon}
{ribbon and damask print paper}

{cake decorating ribbon}
{vintage stamps & twine}
toooo cute!

So I had to share this one as I am a junkie for text! She used old maps and magazines to cut out the letters!
{faux leather gift wrapping- a tutorial on the source link!}

Please visit the sources for more info, most of them have instructions or even more to share but this one is the best that I found :)

Happy Wrapping!

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