‘firsts’ + a winner

Bubby has had a ton of ‘firsts’ lately. For some these are probably trivial milestones but I love to try and mark each and every first, though I know I miss a few here and there. 
This past Sunday he wore his first tie & vest :)
If I remember correctly he was less than thrilled and gloated in his ability to roll right off the mat in the middle of changing!
We had a blast with family this past weekend and we found out he’ll chew on just about anything. 

totally Aunt Melinda’s idea! {love you Mel!}
{wearing his first cap! – or Daddy’s rather…}

Okay, so this next ‘first’ is huge in my book. He can now hold himself up in a shopping cart. Weighing in at a whopping 27 pounds+ I am beyond delighted to be able to plop him in a shopping cart rather than fuss with a bulky stroller or one HEAVY carseat. 

When he’s tired he sort of sloaches to the side, but he’s learning :) I’m so proud of my little man.
The winner of the high res JPEG of the Christmas Subway Art Collage {using random.org} is #15 Lauren!

Congrats Lauren, please check your inbox as I will be emailing you your prize :)

Oh, and now you can “Like” the posts by clicking the ‘thumbs up’ below! So fun!


9 thoughts on “‘firsts’ + a winner

  1. He is incredibly cute, and I do mean CUTE! Those cheeks and those eyes! My goodness what a handsome little man! Loved the 1st baseball cap pic of him grinning so wide! =)

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