dedication & Daddy’s day

Dedicating Bubby was extra special and a little bittersweet. It’s one of those moments I longed for with Jenna. Just another reminder. 
BUT. it was extra special because it happened to fall on Father’s Day… such a special little gift to a well-deserving Daddy :)
On another note, we have begun to put him in the nursery at church which was SO hard. Seriously I wanted to cry just leaving him the first time. (Is that normal?!) But I did because he was so loud, not really fussy – just loud at church. He makes grunts and snores… my goodness he is adorable when he sleeps :)

10 thoughts on “dedication & Daddy’s day

  1. Those pictures are precious….in the first one…even though I don't *know* your face well enough to say it, I can sort of see in your eyes the bittersweet aspect of it.

    I can only imagine…but am so grateful little Bubby is in your life!

  2. Congratultions on the birth of your sweet boy…and his blessed dedication day! He is precious…love to you…

  3. What a special moment- I can understand how bittersweet it must have been- I know it will be for me when we have Madalyn dedicated- and yes, I'm sure I'll want to cry the first time I leave her in the nursery too.

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